Section 3000 – Fiscal Management


3610     Purchasing Goods and Services                                                                           3610

The Superintendent shall be the sole purchasing agent for the District.

Purchasing from District Employees

The Board shall not purchase equipment, supplies, or services from any employee who is employed by the District for more than an average of 25 hours per week, nor from a member of a household of that employee, nor from any firm in which that employee or member of his/her household holds a 10 percent or greater financial interest.

Purchases through the District

Board members and employees shall not make any purchase through the District for personal use.  The name of the District or school, or an employee’s position, shall not be used in such manner that discounts or cost preferences are given to such person.  Purchasing equipment and supplies by the District for resale to employees is prohibited.

Emergency Purchases

Emergency purchases may be made without using the quotation or bidding process.  Such emergencies may arise because of an accident or other unforeseen occurrence that could affect the life, health, welfare, or safety of the District’s students or employees.




Approved:        November 7,2011

LEGAL REF:   MCL 15.321-330; 380.1216; 380.1274


3600-R       Reimbursement of Expenses                                                                  3600-R-5

Immediately upon return, a financial accounting, including documentation, shall be made to the business office and any unused funds returned.  Expenditures not documented shall not be reimbursed by the District.  Petty cash funds may not be used for cash advances.

Daily Travel

Local travel as authorized under these regulations is to be recorded on a daily basis and submitted to the business office at the end of each month for reimbursement.  If such travel is less than 100 miles per semester, reimbursement may be requested at the end of the semester.  Voucher must include, date, destination, purpose of travel, and number of miles for each trip.

All requests for reimbursement for travel during a fiscal year shall be submitted to the business office by June 30 of that year.